We are a friendly group of gardeners and environmentally-responsible people who enjoy learning together, visiting local nature preserves, and sharing experiences.  Join our chapter by attending one of our monthly meetings where you can pick up registration information and learn more about the native plant movement. Please join on-line at the following link: 
  • Monthly programs with your local chapter at Chippewa Nature Center or outdoors on the second Monday of the month, 6:30-8:00pm
  • Discussions with local people about topics in which you are interested
  • Volunteer opportunities at public gardens, schools, preserves, or member’s yards
  • Making a difference for wildlife by growing native plants around your home
  • Quarterly newsletters from the national Wild Ones featuring a variety of topics from members and scientists, colorful photos, relevant ads from nurseries, and chapter news from across the US.
  • Members-only pages here on the WildOnes website
  • Access to webinars by nationally acclaimed landscape experts and scientists
  • Sharing information and photos on our Facebook page MidMittenWild Ones